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  1. Members, Trustees & Local Governing Bodies

Members and Trustees


Richard Durrant

Jan Knight

Susie Wales

Clerk to the Members & Trustees

Jane Hill

Chief Executive Officer & Accounting Officer

Michaela Webb


Sam Day

Richard Durrant

Dale Hornsby

Carol Lawrence

Kate Samouelle

Cheryl Sharp

Mark Woodhouse

Governance & Trustees

As there are currently only two academies in the Trust we do not have Local Governing Bodies. Over time, and as other academies join the Trust, we expect this to change.

The Board Of Trustees delegates the day to day operation of both academies in the Trust to the CEO & Executive Principal. As well as the Full Board of Trustees we have two committees: The Finance Committee and Pay and Personnel Committee. 


We have a Local Governing Body for each academy in our Trust. We actively seek to fill each Local Governing Body with parents / carers of children in our academies, members of the local community and a staff member from the academy in which they work. The Local Governing Bodies work in partnership with the Principal / s in each academy and the Board of Trustees. If you would like to learn more about the role of a Local Governor or would like to apply to be considered for a role in the Local Governing Body please complete the application form and return it to 

Cherry Tree Academy Marham Infant Local Governors

Cherry Tree Academy Marham Junior Local Governors